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Frequently Asked Questions

About our Worldwide program.
We are an independent sales company from whom you've purchased a membership granting you a wide range of benefits and access to our website. Should you have any questions regarding your purchase, please contact us directly from the information for our company listed on your Purchase Agreement.

Who handles travel fulfillment for the Program we purchased?
We have contracted with Database Asset Convertion ("DAC") to facilitate all travel fulfillment. Their state-of-the-art fulfillment center, is located in Orlando, FL. They also have administrative offices in Lake Mary, Fl.

How long has My Dream Shares been in business?
My Dream Shares began operations , in 1979. They were originally started as a dive reservations company; assisting resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean centralize their reservations platforms. Over the past 20 years they've been blessed with good, solid growth. Today they service over 30,000 private clients, which makes them one of the largest private Concierge Travel Services.

How can My Dream Shares provide such outstanding values?
There are multiple answers to this question:

1. Reduced cost of delivering their services.
Leveraging the power and technology of the Internet allows My Dream Shares to deliver their services economically and efficiently, reducing overall costs to their clients.

2. Private distribution.
Travel suppliers are eager to partner with My Dream Shares to distribute their cruises, packages, condos, hotels and more . My Dream Shares's password protected websites ensure that supplier prices are not exposed to members of the general public, thereby giving them greater pricing flexibility. You may have seen similar strategies with certain public websites where the name of the hotel is not revealed until after the booking has occurred. This is the same principle.

3. 'Significant Buying Power'.
The combination of being in business for so many years and a strong database of private clients makes My Dream Shares a significant and unique distribution channel for travel suppliers. As a result, My Dream Shares is in the fortunate position of being constantly approached by some of the largest and most respected travel suppliers in the industry. All of them have the same goal: finding out how they can offer their products to My Dream Shares's private clients.

4. Reputation is everything.
Doing business the right way has its rewards. Accordingly, My Dream Shares is proud to be affiliated with some of the travel industries most prestigious organizations, AMADEUS, SABRE, and CARE. Additionally, My Dream Shares has direct relationships with many of the travel industries largest and most respected suppliers.

5. Commissions and incentives passed directly on to their clients.
As a result of its 'private distribution' strategy, My Dream Shares is able to negotiate the very best pricing available for a wide range of travel services. Additionally, having been in business for quite some time, My Dream Shares garners the highest travel commission levels available. The combination of these specially negotiated rates with the fact that My Dream Shares nets out its commissions ensures the very best prices on hotels, cruises, resort condos, travel packages, and more.

6. Proprietary travel programs
My Dream Shares negotiates special deals on a wide range of travel products, packaging them up within its proprietary "Getaways Programs", which offer unbeatable deals on 2 to 4 night hotel getaways all over the US, Mexico, Canada and the rest of the world. Cruise Getaways offers negotiated cruises on the most popular cruise lines all at prices that are guaranteed to get you excited about cruising. Condo Getaways offers full week stays in resort condos all over the world at prices starting at just $269 for the whole week.

7. Client Satisfaction means everything.
Providing their clients with an outstanding array of relevant leisure lifestyle and travel benefits, at the best prices, combined with world-class concierge service, has been and continues to be the hallmark of My Dream Shares's success. As a result, their client base continues to grow, ever increasing their leverage and buying power. It's a win/win scenario that their clients have been enjoying for years. To us however, it's just good business to partner with a company like DAC to provide all of the travel benefits within our program.

Does My Dream Shares offer any type of guarantee on getting the lowest prices?
Yes, in fact, if you find a lower price on any of the travel benefits, products or packages offered by My Dream Shares, they will not only match the price, but, they will give you an additional 10% of the difference. In this day and age, the Internet allows prices to sometimes be changed on a second by second basis. As a result, it's sometimes difficult to ensure that any website displays the lowest price 100% of the time. Simply contact My Dream Shares at the number above and let their friendly Concierge Travel Specialists to guide you throughout a world of options.

Conditions of My Dream Shares's Price Match Guarantee Policy
My Dream Shares guarantees its pricing against any other published pricing for the same exact travel. At a minimum, this means, the same arrival and departure dates, the same property, the same room, the same size unit, the same cruise line, the same cabin, the same itinerary and the same booking date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, My Dream Shares does not match consolidator fares, fares that have been acquired through auction or bid, or any Internet fares for which they cannot verify the price and exact itinerary. A complete physical copy of the competing offer must be received in My Dream Shares's office (verifying the exact time and date of the competing quote) before 5:00 PM (EST) and within 24 hours of receiving your quote from their travel services department in order to qualify for the "Price Match Guarantee".