Local Discounts

There must be a catch!

That is what everyone says when they take a look at our cards and wonder how they can get four rounds of golf for the price of one, or three appointments at the day spa for less than they would pay for a single massage, and so on. Of course, you never get something for nothing, but The Smart Circle is about as close as you can get.

We get you the best deals around by offering local merchants a unique advertising program that reaches out to the local community for them and brings them new customers and makes their current customers more loyal. Since 1987 we have been promoting restaurants, sports teams, spas, salons, golf courses, movie theatres, car care shops and a host of other local favorites through our unique program. That's why we have values you simply won't see anywhere else.

Using the cards couldn't be easier. You simply shop for them online, receive your cards in the mail, and take them to the local merchant to enjoy the values.

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